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Jazz Cow is an animated situation Comedy about a Jazz Playing Cow who reluctantly leads a group of artists, poets and misfits in resisting Big Tech guru Dr Popp and his world of algorithms and fake filters.

The Time for Jazz Cow is now.

“Constant notifications, pinging phones, texts, snaps; be your individual self by selecting one these fake filters; Give in to the algorithm. Get the app.”

There must be a way out of this modern mess, right? RIGHT?

Fake Filters – Jazz Cow

Take the path of least resistance…

… or join Jazz Cow, his band, and the regulars at his club, Connie Snots. These are the holdouts and they’re not going down without a fight.

The Threat

Dr Popp wants to get his hand on the artisanal bakers, street vendors, fringe theatre, and second bookshops. He wants to monetise and franchise. And get rid of the old guys playing chess in that tiny park. (Don’t they know there’s an app for that?).

This melting pot of misfits, musicians, poets, and free thinkers isn’t giving away their slice of town in a hurry. They look to their figurehead, cult hero, and the leader of the band: Jazz Cow. Think Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.

Market – Jazz Cow

A few of our team

John Lumgair

John is an animation director who has over 15 years experience of working on promos, music videos, and shorts.

James Cary

James is a Sitcom writer for the BBC (Miranda, Bluestone 42, Citizen Khan, My Family, My Hero), and a script editer for sketches for CBeebies, CBBC and BBC Radio 4

Eric McConnell

Eric a storyboard artist (Rick and Morty, Scooby doo, Adventure Time, Animaniacs) and will be working as a consultant.

Selom Sunu

Selom has designed characters for clients including Disney, Google, CBeebies, Mercury Filmworks and Penguin.

LMS Animation Studios

We will partner with our friends at LMS Animation Studios who have worked on shows for streamers like Disney, Netflix and Amazon


The Musicians

We have an exciting line up of musicians who will work on our soundtrack. Sultan Stevenson, Dominic J Marshall, LayFullstop and Heidi Vogal.

I’m sold. I wanna go there.

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